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Where is the manufacturing facility?

Pancha Tulasi (Basil 5) Drops are manufactured by Deltas Pharma; the state of art, Ayurvedic Manufacturing unit in Haridwar, having WHO-GMP compliance. It is the only Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Unit having European GMP Plus for herbal feed; certified as 100% Organic collection and processing unit by USOCA. Herbs are harvested from wild forest under GACP from pollution free Uttarakhand Forests, Himalayas and the regions near holy river Ganga.

What is the composition of Pancha Tulasi (Basil 5) Drops?
How to use Pancha Tulasi (Basil 5) Drops?
What is the general activity of five species of Basil used in Pancha Tulasi (Basil 5) Drops?
Can healthy people take Pancha Tulasi (Basil 5) Drops?
What are the mediums for having Pancha Tulasi Basil 5) Drops?
How much quantity can be used?
How long it can be used? (Duration)
Which Diseases Pancha Tulasi (Basil 5) Can Be Used as an adjuvant?
Can it be used with existing Allopathic Drugs & Homeopathic drugs?
What age group can use Pancha Tulasi (Basil 5) ?
Who can use with precautions?
Who cannot use Pancha Tulasi (Basil 5)?
What are the common adverse effects of use of Pancha Tulasi (Basil 5) ?
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