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The journey began in January 2014 when I along with my husband went to India and met a Highly Enlightened Saint (Swami) in Dehradun who introduced the Pancha Tulasi (Basil 5) to us, a new product that came out in the market for the first time in India. The Saint emphasized to us that this unique blend of 5 types of Basil drops benefits in over 200 illnesses; so we purchased three bottles right then and there.
Two months passed after coming back from India, I became sick with symptoms of cough, cold, respiratory problem, difficulty in eating food, slight hearing impairment, bad sore throat, high fever, headache and lack of energy. In this case, I should have made an appointment with my family physician but the doctor was unavailable at that time. I took the Pancha Tulasi (Basil 5) drops for five weeks, two drops in morning and two drops in evening in 10 oz. glass of water. On the sixth week, I went to see my family doctor for check up and the doctor said that I was fine with no infection or congestion, just very little soreness in the throat, no medication is necessary. He asked me what I took and told him that I had taken the Pancha Tulasi (Basil 5) drops. My doctor tried it in a glass with water and he liked the taste very much. So, I gave a bottle to my family doctor and he began taking it. A couple of months later, he requested for another bottle since he experienced positive results in his overall health.
One day I called up the Saint and while we were talking, he encouraged me that if I began the marketing of this wonderful product, Pancha Tulasi (Basil 5) drops and if it reaches in every household then I will be doing a noble service to the society. His words struck in my mind and finally I decided to market this amazing product in North America. We contacted the Deltas Pharma Company and started the planning process.
By God's grace, one by one all the tasks were completed and the rest became history.
Tulasi (Basil), queen of herbs, “the legendary Incomparable One” is one of the Holiest and most cherished of the many Healing and Health giving herbs of the Orient.
Tulasi (Basil) is renowned for its Religious and Spiritual sanctity as well as for its central role in the Holistic Health & Herbal Medicine of the East.
An astonishing array of Health Promoting, Disease Preventing & Life Prolonging Properties of Tulasi (Basil) have been described and documented over 5,000 years.
Great ancient sages: Charak, Dhanvantri, Sushrut and other great Physicians and Pharmacologists have unanimously accorded Tulasi (Basil), an eminent position as a therapeutic agent.
Given the high importance by our Sages, Religious Scriptures, and Modern Science, Tulasi (Basil) has lots of therapeutic properties and our mission is that it reaches every household and reap benefits from it.
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