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Client Testimonials
I have been taking "PANCHA TULASI (BASILS 5) Drops regularly. It has greatly alleviated my Spring & Summer Allergies. It has also boosted my Immunity against multiple Colds & Infections. My Skin appears clearer & healthier, which is a bonus.
K.S., New Jersey
PANCHA TULASI improved my Digestion, Sleep and best of all curbed my appetite for sweets.
L.R., New Jersey
For almost 3-4 years, I have been suffering with various Allergies and was taking pills and nasal sprays everyday but got no relief.
After using the Pancha Tulasi (Basil 5) drops in a glass of water every morning for 6 months, I stopped taking all medications all together for two months now.
N.R., Knoxville, Tennessee
I have been using the drops daily. I notice that I have been sleeping more soundly and do feel less stressed. So far so good. So far so good!
E.F., Camden, New Jersey
By using Pancha Tulasi (Basils 5)
• I feel Energetic & Refreshed
• My friend got relief from Nasal Congestion due to Pollen Allergy.
• My friend's wife got relief from Bronchitis.
D.D., New Jersey
By regularly using Pancha Tulasi (Basils 5) Drops, I feel good and less tired by the end of the day.
I.U., New Jersey
Pancha Tulasi (Basils 5) has really helped me bring down my A1C from 6.0 to 5.6 in 3 months by just taking 2 Drops in water every day. Now, I want to take the recommended dosage of 8 drops a day.
M.G. New Jersey
I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes 3 years ago & have been taking medicine prescribed by my Doctor. About 9 months ago, despite taking medicine, my A1C Count level rose from 6.3 to 6.8. My Doctor advised me that this is a matter of concern and added one more pill to my medicine regimen.
Around the same time, I Started taking PANCHA TULASI (BASILS 5) Drops every day. 5 months ago, my A1C Count dropped down from 6.8 to 6.0. Last week, I checked my A1C Count again and my count dropped down to 5.3 which is great IMPROVEMENT & is Normal level.
I highly recomment PANCHA TULASI (BASIL 5) Drops to people who are suffering from Type II Diabetes.
N.S. Pennsylvania
For the last 15 years, I have been taking medicine for Diabetes prescribed by my Doctor. Despite taking medicine regularly every day, my Blood Sugar Level used to fluctuate a lot.
Somebody introduced me PANCHA TULASI (BASILS 5) Drops few months ago. Since I have started taking PANCHA TULASI (BASILS 5) Drops, my Blood Sugar Level has come down appreciably and is well under control.
I very highly recommend PANCHA TULASI (BASILS 5) Drops to those, who are suffering from Diabetes.
S.A. New Jersey
My kids aged 11 & 7 have suffered from Asthma and Cold related issues for a number of years. We were recommended the Pancha Tulasi drops and have been using them for 6 months now, a couple of drops of water each morning and at bedtime, they have shown tremendous improvement and their symptoms are well under control. Our Pediatrician has recommended to wean off the Asthma medications slowly after seeing the improvement.
M.T. , Texas
I came to know of the Pancha Tulasi, which is a blend of five different tulsies, by my son in Chicago. I experienced that immune system has become stronger and particularly at this time of the year; I did not experience any cough or cold. I am very thankful for that and highly recommend this great product to anyone who has low immunity.
VJK, Tulsa, OK
Before taking the basil drops, I had digestive issues and constipation in the morning after drinking coffee. I was introduced to the basil drops and they worked immediately. After putting two drops in a glass of water, I no longer feel bloated throughout the day. I drink basil water about three times a day and 1 can honestly say it is making a difference. Not only do I feel better, but it also slimmed down my waist line. Try it.
S.F. Blackwood, NJ
I have noticed a less frequency of headaches since taking the Pancha Tulasi drops.
Y.S.G. Mississauga, ON, Canada
“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing "Panch Tulasi" to my family. It has done wonders for my family as well as myself.
I had been suffering from some kind of allergy for past one year. I would sneeze for about 30-40 times a day. I had runny nose and eyes all day long. I was so miserable that I was not able to get proper sleep at night. The day I started taking "Panch Tulasi", my sneezing reduced to only couple of times a day and my nose and eyes stopped running. It took away all the congestion I had. I did not get any headache. I was able to sleep much better at night that led to having a pleasant day ahead.
My children and husband are also taking "Panch Tulasi" and reaping its benefits. My children did not get as much sick this winter as they always do after taking "Panch Tulasi" regularly. Even if they get sick they are able to recover faster and get back to normal. So thank you once again for introducing us to the Nectar of life. ”
MMG, Cherry Hill, NJ
“Growing up I had heard many benefits of tulsi from my mother and grandmother. I always knew its benefits in many ways but did not have access to Tulsi. I came across Pancha Tulasi. Like the name of Pancha Tulasi suggests this has five different blends of tulsi leaves oil in it . By taking two drops of this every morning in water, I noticed that my stomach cleared and I did not have any issues with constipation. Since then everyone in my family is taking it and seen multiple benefits of it. We also noticed that our immune system was stronger as well. I highly recommend Pancha Tulasi to everyone and see for themselves how it may benefit them. ”
BSD, Marlton, NJ
“Pancha Tulasi has been effective for its air purifying benefits. The aroma gives me an uplift and a feeling of well-being throughout the day. Pancha Tulasi has helped me a lot during an attack of viral flu 3 months ago. Breathing steam formed by mixing a few drops in water has helped clear my throat and sinuses. By clearing sinuses Pancha Tulasi has helped me in preventing my migraine attacks.”
DJ, Chicago, IL
“I have been using Pancha Tulasi for the last 3 months and it has helped me in many ways:
(1) In the morning I used to sneeze 40 to 50 times everyday. From the first day of taking Pancha Tulasi, my sneezing has stopped tremendously.
(2) My tiredness reduced and I feel more refreshed after a whole day’s work.
(3) High stress levels has virtually disappeared from my life after taking Pancha Tulasi.
I am thankful to my friend who introduced me to this amazing product and my wife also has begun taking the Pancha Tulasi too.”
BJS, Cherry Hill, NJ
“I am glad I found Pancha Tulasi. Price is reasonable and 1 bottle can last a sufficient period of time. Drinking 2 drops of Pancha Tulasi mixed in a glass of water makes me feel more relaxed throughout the day. Besides Pancha Tulasi has also been helpful for allergic rashes on my skin. Rubbing 2 drops of Pancha Tulasi has been serving as an alternative for over the counter Hydrocortisone ointment. Also Pancha Tulasi has a freshening aroma and will recommend it to others. ”
SK, Chicago, IL
“Thank you for sharing with me and my daughter, Tiffani on this natural product. I feel much more alert and relaxed. I will call you and place an order for several bottles of the Holy Basil oil for family and friends.”
GOY, Ewing, NJ
“I would like to thank you for introducing the Holy Basil oil I suffered with chronic respiratory congestion and coughing and this condition had persisted for several years. My doctor prescribed many antihistamines to no avail. I enjoy better health since I have been taking this product.”
JG, Cherry Hill, NJ
Since July ‘14, I started taking 2 drops of “Pancha Tulasi” in 10oz. of water everyday in the morning. The results were amazing during the allergy season (September/October). My nostrils remained open and my breathing became much better. I felt a lot of relief in my sinuses and sneezing. The itching in my eyes reduced tremendously. Thanks to “Pancha Tulasi” now I will continue to taking 2 drops every morning for good health.
KP, Freehold, NJ
“Pancha Tulasi is a great organic product available for a reasonable price. Taking 2 drops of the Holy Basil Oil everyday has been beneficial. lt makes me feel more energetic and much more relaxed throughout the day. Women can experience both of these benefits during menstrual periods. Besides this rubbing few drops of Pancha Tulasi has a decongestant effect on the sinuses.
SJK, Chicago, IL
“I am glad to have found this wonderful product. It helps me focus when I am dragging myself halfway through the day. I don’t need to worry about quality as it is organic. The bottle lasts a while and its a great price for how wonderful the effects and benefits are. This has more than paid for itself and I am really thrilled.”
VA, Montvale, NJ
“I have used this product for many weeks now as a part of my daily routine and feel the purifying effects of the drops. It’s great for cough and cold. I now sleep very soundly and maintain my high energy levels throughout the day. I have stopped drinking coffee as I feel energetic without the need to take caffeine.”
AV, Albany, NY
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